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1. Prototyping wearable devices for boosting entrepreneurial spirit2019
2. Modeling and Prototyping of Self-Folding Origami Structure2019
3. Smart Material Actuation of Multi-Locomotion Robot2019
4. Education and its effects on the labour market in Macedonia2019
5. Design, modeling and prototyping of bio-inspired robot actuated by piezoelectric transducers2018
6. Modeling of multi locomotion of soft robot2018
7. Modeling of the Interface of Functionally Graded Superelastic Zones in Compliant Deployable Structures2018
8. Статичка анализа на брана Ксинго2017
9. Static and seismic analysis of an arch-gravity dam2017
10. Assessment of thermal processing behaviour of corn cob, vine rod and sunflower2017
11. Thermal behaviour of different biomass materials under slow pyrolysis conditions2017
12. Comparison analysis of the state of first filling of the reservoir in case of rockfill dams with asphalt core2016
13. Геодетски деформациски мерења на индустриски конструкции2015