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1. Sentiment Analysis in Finance: From Transformers Back to eXplainable Lexicons (XLex)2024
3. Knowledge Graph Based Recommender for Automatic Playlist Continuation2023
4. Review of Natural Language Processing in Pharmacology2023
5. PharmKE: Knowledge Extraction Platform for Pharmaceutical Texts Using Transfer Learning2023
6. PharmKE: Knowledge Extraction Platform for Pharmaceutical Texts Using Transfer Learning2023
7. Direct Economic Impact Assessment ofWinter Honeybee Colony Losses in Three European Countries2021
8. Authoritative subspecies diagnosis tool for European honey bees based on ancestry informative SNPs2021
10. Interhost Orchestration Platform Architecture for Ultrascale Cloud Applications2021
11. ACTN3 association on maximal muscle power, after 6 weeks of power training2021
12. Planning of microcycle in football- dosaging of the training load - #22021
13. A GeoSPARQL Compliance Benchmark2021
14. Influence of an adapted functional football training in improving the specific-motor performances of football players2020
15. Leukotriene receptor antagonist (LTRA) added to regular preventive therapy: inhaled corticosteroids and longacting beta agonists (ICS/LABA) in patients with severe uncontrolled asthma2020
16. Planning / dosaging of the training load - #12020
17. Strength exercise for football #4 – maximal strength (power)2020
18. Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Urban Areas2019
19. Application of optical measurement system in diagnostics in sport and physical activities2019
20. Gymnastic skills and body positions in function of the correct posture in preschool and early school age children2019
21. Strength exercise for football #3 – muscle development (definition, exercises, periodization)2019
22. Time measuring instruments in sport and physical activities2019
23. Strength exercise for football #2 – explosive strength (definition, exercises, tests)2019
24. The role of fundamental motor skills in children2018
25. Strength exercise for football game #1 – entry trainings2018
26. Muscular system coordination2018
27. Test methods for motor abilities within football players (test descriptions)2018
28. Force platform - testing and diagnosis in sport and physical activities2017
29. Anaerobic threshold – definition and how test2017
30. Definition of some terms often used in training for strength and power,2017
31. Qualitative diagnosis of football kick,2016
32. Coordination burdened Exercises- condition for the proper development of children2016
33. Changes of the strength muscular potential of the elbow flexors following a six-week experimental procedure in a group of respondents performing shortened amplitudes in conditions when muscles handle external loads2015
34. Comparison of changes in the muscular power potential of elbow flexors after a six-week experimental procedure with two groups of subjects working according to the standard load method and the greatest muscle load method2014
35. Asymmetry of anthropometric dimensions and motor efficiency of table tennis players from Macedonia competing in the super and the first league2014
36. Changes in the anthropometric status of the upper arm and forearm in adolescents following a six-week programmed exercises with standard and modified repetitive loads2013
37. Tendencies in the achieving of explosive strength in first-year students at the FPE for a period of 25 years2013
38. The Case2012
39. Changes of the power (maximal strength) within the flexor of the elbow joint after six weeks of training with matrix method2010
40. Promene maksimalne snage kod fleksora zgloba lakta posle šest nedeljnog vežbanja sa skraćenim amplitudama2010
41. Changes of the power (maximal strength) within the flexor of the elbow joint after six weeks of training with shortened amplitudes – full extension until semiflexion2009
42. Karate within the special olympics athletes2009
43. When can the children go in the fitness gym?2008
44. Endurance training control by monitoring heart rate2008
45. Differences in the estimation of the maximum oxygen consumption between 3 tests: Cooper test, The Multistage fitness test (shuttle run) and Polar fitness test (heart rate based)2006
46. Tendencies in the explosive strength of the legs within the first year students at the Faculty of Physical Education in the period from 1995 to 2006 year2006
47. Influence of the tests for assessment of general motor skills on the realization of coordination tasks in respondents from 11 years of age2006
48. Effect of four week program for improving basic endurance implemented on students from Faculty for physical education2005