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Subject: energy harvesting, piezoelectric transducers, vibrations of rotating machine, cantilever beam

Year: 2022

Title: Design of an energy harvesting system using piezoelectric materials

Author: Pecioski Damjan, Ignjatovska Anastasija, Shishkovski Dejan, Domazetovska Simona, Anachkova Maja

Abstract: Energy harvesting by using piezoelectric materials is one of the most widely used techniques for conversion of waste energy into useful. Using this technique, generated vibration energy from machines can be converted into useful electrical energy. In this paper, an energy harvesting system that supplies power for low–power consumption devices has been designed. The experimental model consists of a rotating machine that generates mechanical vibrations that actuate a cantilever beam and a piezoelectric transducer as a sensor for energy harvesting. The aim is to generate greater power as an output, which could be achieved by obtaining maximal strain for the given frequency range of the vibration source. The frequency range of the vibration machine is variable and multiple frequencies have been used. Using the Euler-Bernoulli method, the beam dimensions have been calculated so that its natural frequency matches the operating machine frequency. By reaching the resonant point of the cantilever beam, the maximal power from the designed energy harvesting system can be generated.

Publisher: JEPE BENA

Relation: GREDIT 2022

Identifier: oai:repository.ukim.mk:20.500.12188/25435
Identifier: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12188/25435

Design of an energy harvesting system using piezoelectric materials202226