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UGD Academic Repository
Some hazardous appearances in flotation tailings dumps in domestic mines2011
The producing of lead and elemental sulfur by new technologies from galenite ores 2011
The choice between production of lead selective concentrate or recovery of lead and elemental sulphur from galenite domestic ores2011
Computer presentation of equipments and devices by mathematical and software programmes methods2011
The application of appropriate information systems in different processes2011
The appropriate logistics and business informatics in local educational environment2011
Problems of becoming global way of information2009
Economic problems of adaptation and development of engineering sector in Bulgaria and Ukraine in the circumstances2009
The focusing of influence from mining activities of Sasa mine, waste water for the animal and plant products downstream and upstream of the surrounding river 2011
The comparison of segregation-flotation, leaching and bioleaching techniques for recovery nickel from low grade nickel bearing laterite2011
Evaluation models for contaminated sites – biological system at risk2009
Определување на содржина на тешки метали во почви од Злетово2009
Focus and challenge of national applied information systems in production processes or academy and accounting firms2011
Information technology in logistics: advantages, challenges and opportunity for efficiency from problem decision in diferent activities2011
Ecological evaluation of polluted soils from Sasa mine2009
Business informatics and appropriate logistics as a challenge for education or economy globalization in Macedonia2011
Application of dispersion analysis for determining classifying separation size2009
Mine project evaluation techniques2009
Possible sources of water pollution from the catchment area of the Sasa mine2011
Computer presentation in mineral processing by software comuputer packets2009